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Seasonal Allergies

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What are Seasonal Allergies? Seasonal Allergies are often known and referred to as hay fever and are often related to common allergens such as grasses and pollens, dust and dust mites, animal dander, molds, food sensitivities and stressors to the immune system.

Seasonal Allergies are less than pleasant

Some sufferers may experience, additional symptoms that are more severe with Seasonal Allergies. Although the symptoms are less common they cause the most irritation to the mucous membranes located in eyes, middle ear, sinuses and eustachian tube. Some symptoms include; ear popping, pressure around forehead and cheeks, and red, watery, itchy eyes. Most sufferers of Seasonal Allergies experience continual fatigue and allergic reactions when experiencing symptoms. The majority of Seasonal Allergy sufferers will exhibit a cluster of symptoms that could include coughing, itchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes as well as many others symptoms. Apart from eliminating yourself from all Seasonal Allergy allergens, natural supplements can relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies that result in an allergic response.

Naturopathic support

Naturopathic doctors are in a unique position to recommend prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and natural supplements for symptoms of seasonal allergies. Natural supplements have been reported in clinical studies to diminish the allergic response seen in suffers of seasonal allergies. Natural supplements have distinct advantages over pharmaceuticals medications because they present no side effects and no drug interactions. Natural supplements are a safe solution for family members of all ages and are especially beneficial in children and infants.

Studies Show affects of Seasonal Allergies

Clinical Studies have shown that Seasonal Allergies affect 30-40% of Americans and are the most chronic condition our children suffer from. Chronic Seasonal Allergies (hay fever) has also been discovered to be a precursor to the on-set of asthma conditions, in both adults and children. If you or a loved one is suffering from Seasonal Allergies most likely you have already seen a doctor or allergist and have been given a prescribed medication and were told allergies is now part of your life. But as a Seasonal Allergy sufferer I can tell you that is not a true statement. If your Seasonal Allergies have been diagnosed, then a natural supplement would be beneficial in relieving symptoms of your Seasonal Allergies. Protecting your body's immune system from further Seasonal Allergies attacks is the first step to overcoming the symptoms. Aside from the dozens of positive effects natural supplements provide your immune system; they treat the symptoms and the cause of Seasonal Allergies to eliminate future attacks. Natural supplements have provided suffers of Seasonal Allergies a safe method to relieving symptoms and causes without the side effects that are associated with prescribed medications. Beta Glucan is a natural supplement that plays a vital role in regulating your immune system and protecting you from the long-term effects of Seasonal Allergies.

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