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Hello ADD/ADHD community!

To be honest, I feel a bit conflicted about the whole idea of ADD and ADHD, but specifically about the way it is treated. I've always been different - messier and busier than the average person. (My mother tells me I lost THIRTY pairs of mitten in kindergarten - including some with the little clips meant to keep them with your coat!) But in third grade, she decided something  But by third grade, I suppose my ";Differences" became more apparent and it was decided I should see a psychologist. This was 1995 and ADHD was becoming a "popular" diagnosis, so of course this was immediately suspected.

Being 9, I don't remember this testing terribly well, but I do remember playing a game of concentration on the computer - which I passed with above average attention span - but then stubbornly refusing to do what I was told  by the psychologist - who took this defiance as disability and labeled me ADD despite, testing saying otherwise.

They put me on Ritalin, which I hated. I felt numb on it - even at 9. I wasn't on it long either - my third grade teacher, told my mother I had lost my spark on it. Usually anxious to offer my word on a topic, I now sat there looking blank and dull. I was then taken off the meds - for a short time.

The next attempt was Adderall. This gave me tremors and didn't seem to correct the problem either.

SO. I'm curious.

Has anyone else been treated for ADD or ADHD?

How was it determined ADD or ADHD was your problem?

What was YOUR experience with the treatment?

Did the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

Erin Froehlich asked this
July 6, 2011 at 10:17 AM



I was on ritalin when I was young for ADHD as well, and honestly did more harm then good.

What worked for me is a healthy diet (cut out sugars, artificial sweeteners/flavor/preservatives), exercise (outdoor play time) and getting away from a school that used hard chemicals. Both seemed to play a huge role.

Even today, I can tell when I've been eating a lot of junk.

The downside was that I didn't get to eat all the Halloween candies I wanted!

Tadd answered
July 6, 2011 at 10:27 AM
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