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I am a mom who was formally diagnosed with ADHD 13 years ago. I was on stimulants until 3 years ago when I decided to go more natural. I homeschool a child who also exhibits ADHD tendencies. I have on and off toyed with the idea of getting back on Adderall but I keep canceling my appointment thinking to try something else. I don't want to get back on the Adderall but I'm drowning over here. There is so much "noise" in my head and I feel like I was a better mom on it but I just have read too many bad side effects. So much that we are not putting our 6 yo on anything but are doing the GF/CF diet (I'm on it as well) and detoxing her system. I need a natural something that works on adults because I really am in trouble. The homeopaths we have given our six year old don't work for me. Does anyone know of a natural solution for adults! Please help. There has to be something I can do without going back on a prescription. Thanks!

Andrea asked this
April 20, 2012 at 4:04 PM




I am also an adult that was diagnosed with ADHD - as a child in 3rd grade for me. While I was originally on the Ritalin and later switched to Adderall, in the end my teachers recommended that I not take it. Though I was more quiet and calm, I remember feeling "emptied out", almost zombie like - which is funny, because though it sounds like a dramatic comparison, it's one I've actually seen a lot of from people in the ADHD community! They said basically the same thing to my parents - that I seemed to have lost my personality. I stopped taking the meds in 4th grade.

Don't get me wrong though - I struggled throughout school. It was never an issue of intelligence with me, in fact, I was consistently one of the strongest writers. I just got bogged down by details and wanting to do everything perfectly, which, as you might imagine, made homework and projects really overwhelming. I could do everything, it just took me longer to do it.

I really had to teach myself to organize. I learned to break my work down into smaller tasks, estimate how long they each would take, prioritize and schedule them out. Other people might be able to do this in their heads, but to get through college, i need to write it down and keep a list. So there's that - getting organized is a big help and natural way to help overcome ADHD symptoms.

Another way, when I'm feeling my concentration drift, is to get up and take a short walk before coming back to my work, staying hydrated (with tea, because I don't like plain water) and making sure to get a good balance of foods - too much carbs and not enough protein puts me to sleep! :)

Hope this helps!

Erin Froehlich answered
April 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM
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