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My son is 16 and a jr in highschool.  He was diagnosed with adhd in 1st grade.  I have always been sad that I have to give him his stimulants in order for him to succeed in school.  I am excited to try Synaptol.  My question is: Can I combine Synaptol with the Vyvanse?  It is scary to take him off the meds since his grades plummet.  How can I know if synaptol works>  Will it start to work immediately like the stimulants or does it need time to get into his system.  If it works I will gladly take him off the stimulants!  The concern is that he can not risk a trial period acedemically.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


Julie asked this
February 10, 2012 at 6:50 PM



Hi Julie, Very sorry to hear about your situation. I definitely understand your concerns with giving your child stimulants. Yes you can combine Synaptol with Vyvanse. For optimal benefits you want to allow a minimum of 30 minutes before or after meals and when taking other meds with Synaptol. Synaptol is a non prescription OTC medications that can be taken in conjunction with prescription and non prescription meds as there are no known drug to drug interactions. Synaptol can be taken while weaning off other prescribed medications however, we recommend that you speak with your doctor before discontinuing the use of any prescribed medications due to severe withdrawal symptoms. This product is not a cure nor is it a replacement for any medications that you may currently be taking.

Regarding the exact time of effectiveness. It is very normal for individuals to notice apparent relief within hours of the first dose, some individuals notice relief in days or weeks and others notice relief in a month or so. Because everyone is uniquely different the exact time of relief is undefinable. While implementing Synaptol you want to allow a two to three week window to monitor your childs symptoms.

Cornelius Bounds, CPT Health Coach answered
February 16, 2012 at 8:34 AM
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