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I was dx. at age 60 (4yrs. ago) with ADD. I have taken Adderall XR all this time -except for 3 months to try Vyvance, which didn't help at all. I've gradually worked my way up to 45 mg of Adderall XR per day. I see my psychiatrist every 3 months and I have told him I feel my symptoms have become worse -especially with impulsiveness and distraction. He will increase the Adderall XR and outside of the Vyvance that is the only medication I've been offerred to get this under control. I would like to stop the Adderall XR and take the homeopathic medication this website recommends. Would I take it as the label instructs? -and should I start taking it before I phase out the Adderall? The self test offerred here showed I had ADHD symptoms. By outward appearances I am laid-back and slow moving without any signs of restlessness, but inside my mind can go faster than I can keep up with it! I can get coated over with "parallysis of will" and simply daydream away what needs to be done to be organized at home. I work 2 jobs in pediatric skilled home health nursing. I do use a planner with my work and force myself to complete my paperwork on time. My planner keeps me in line with being organized and prepared and a 'time- timer' has helped with time management issues. I have no routine at home and have no idea how to make a routine for getting my home organized, or my bills straight, or how to let go of un-necessary things that I have in 2 storage units and also taking up one room in my apartment after a divorce 3 yrs ago. At this rate my goal could include a 'mini-series' on Hoarders by next year! I didn't intend to put so much about myself into this message, but after reading so many positive results from others and relating so well to the articles I've read, I've realized I could have learned more about my symptoms and felt grounded and supported in a group setting to discover ways to face my symptoms and gain control of them, instead of avoiding them and allowing them to take control of me. I will appreciate any suggestions, advice, and/or steps to get organized, start the healthier homeopathic med, and begin living a healthier life and happier lifestyle!

Linda asked this
June 11, 2012 at 2:54 PM



I was diagnosed ADHD at a very young age and stopped conventional medication within two years of beginning it. It not only didn't work for me, it created new symptoms I needed to deal with and left me feeling oddly numb and empty.

Further, I grew up with people in my high school that would abuse their prescription ADHD medication and find it very odd that a drug diagnosed to help people stay calm and productive basically affected them like a super high dose of caffeine.

I know exactly what you mean about the "paralysis of will" and being overwhelmed. That was always my biggest obstacle and remains something I need to work on. Breaking large tasks down into smaller tasks has been very helpful for me, but I've also found that if I can just get started on something, that feeling of being overwhelmed fades and my "hyperfocus" kicks in. Easier said than done, of course. ;)

If I were you, I'd definitely give some safe and natural, like Synaptol a shot!

Erin Froehlich answered
June 12, 2012 at 9:36 AM

Erin, thank you for your response. You are such a young and spirited girl that I really doubted I could get the positive results you've had taking Synaptol, even though I could relate so well with your feelings of "numb and empty" due to the 'added' symptoms I have felt since beginning the Adderall.

I've been taking the Synaptol for a month -along with the Seretin and Focus Excel and the results have been awesome! I'm still a long way from where I would like to be -but I have emptied one 8x10 storage unit (donating 98% of it) and have been able to separate the clutter (too many knick-knacks, books, crafts) from what I want in my small apt. and let-them-go! (Used to just shuffle it all around and then get distracted and forget where I left off with it all!) It's been a very empowering experience for me!

After work, I have very little energy left, but I took your advice and instead of taking on a whole room, I took on just the 'books', then the 'magazines', then a 'closet'. Before this, breaking down tasks seemed like it would take longer -but, for example, when I ran out of books to sort -I knew exactly what books I had and had room for -making it easy to donate the rest and having the ability to move on -with a sense of accomplishment! Thank you again for your advice - and I'm sorry to be so late in answering, but I had to give the Synaptol a try first. I feel I've accomplished more in this 4 weeks on Synaptol than I have in 4 years on the Adderall XR.

Linda answered
July 16, 2012 at 5:12 PM

Woo hoo! Go Linda! That's so good to hear! :D

It's definitely tough to get started with those sort of organization tasks, but it feels so good when it's done. It's hard to describe, but even if it's a hidden mess, there's something unsettling just knowing that your closet is packed with stuff and unusable and that unsettled feeling goes away with the mess. Just like you said - it's empowering! I'm not naturally a neat person, so decluttering and organizing projects really help me feel like I'm more in control of my life and being in a clean environment is so much more calming. I'm a happier Erin when my environment is clean! ( And it helps to remember that when there's lots of cleaning to be done! lol) :)

Erin Froehlich answered
July 17, 2012 at 9:51 AM

Thank you, Erin! You are so good to answer -and I need to get better at checking in and learning more from you and on this website. I'll be going out of town tomorrow and visit 2 dear friends of mine who live about 8 hrs away. I'm really looking forward to this road trip -and that's a new feeling too. It's been so easy to isolate myself and become a total recluse where it involves socializing. I can work 60 hrs/wk -and I'm friendly and don't mind visiting with my clients, but to simply go out to socialize is another whole story! Also, used to do yoga -but it's been many years since I've practiced, and I read about Maya Fiennes DVD 'Detox and Destress' using Kundalini yoga. I am loving it -it's simpler, but way different than the yoga I used to turn myself into a pretzel to do- lol. It centers me. Erin, I appreciate you so much! You have no idea what a delight it is to sign in and find your messages! Yes, I agree that I do feel more in control- I am lighter -and happier when things are organized and when I'm able to "let go" of things I don't use. I will check back in after I get back from my trip on Tuesday.

Linda answered
August 18, 2012 at 3:39 AM

I know this is an older post, but I wanted to respond. I was diagnosed ADHD at the age of 38 when my wife and I carried our daughter to an Education Specialist who was testing her for ADD ADHD. I've always been an over achiever, usually with tooo many "irons in the fire" with only a few coming to fruition. I am now 44 years old and for the passed 8 years I've been on several common ADD ADHD meds, like Foclin, Adderal, Vyvance and Concerta. Eventually the benefits would slowly phase out. I love mental clarity and the ability to FOCUS and get things done but have become disheartened by negative treatment from Pharmacist who treat you as a drug addict and the concern of what these stimulants are doing otherwise to my health. Just recently I researched out natural pathic methods to treat my ADD ADHD. I am tired of the RACING ROLLER COASTER ride of spinning thoughts the anxiety and depression also associated with my condition. I PRAY that the Synaptol and FOCUS EXCEL will be the more NATURAL answer to treating my ADD ADHD! MORE POST AS TO RESULTS LATER!! 12/8/12.

Stacey answered
December 8, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Well this is a post from 4 years ago, but I would like to add a response anyways. Along with Synaptol try the B-Balanced DMG supplement because many people "lose" essential things almost daily and if you have ever been sick in 3 ways these important nutrients, vitamins and minerals can slowly or quickly lead to a deficiency creating conditions or making known conditions worse. Food can replenish some, but if there's enough of a deficiency, something else needs to quickly reverse it. I personally have had this happen to me and these are 2 things that helped in less than a month.

Tamara answered
April 4, 2016 at 7:59 PM
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