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Tori's Story! — an article on the Smart Living Network
January 13, 2012 at 9:06 AMComments: 11 Faves: 1

Tori's Story!


 My 6yr old Daughter Tori is a very happy, loving, funny, bright, little girl that loves to talk, laugh, sing and dance, and be the center of attention. She is our Princess, our little actress. But... she always been a handful, a very Hyper, wild, stubborn child without an off switch... But we had always believed or I guess hoped she would grow out of that part. 

When she joined JK at age 3 almost 4 she had problems biting and hitting, listening to rules and sitting still and being quiet. We had thought that it was because she had never been away from me. No daycare or too many play dates. I can't even count the number of notes I got home on a daily bases and she was even suspended 2x for biting and had to come home...

The next year in SK, the biteing was less but she still had a hard time getting along and behaveing appropriately. She still couldn't sit still, stay quiet or stay at the center she was supposed to be working at. Random yelling or noises to disrupt the class on a regular bases.

Well now she is in grade 1, and 6yrs old. She still has some hands on incidences, but the rest seems to have stayed the same and she is below where she should be in reading and writing because of this. She has to be removed from class so the others can work because she can't calm down. They take her to the Gym every morning first thing the run around and play and tire her out which has helped a bit but she peeks again as the day goes on.

At home she is not aggressive like this but still has a great problem staying quiet, sitting still, relaxing and calming down and sometimes speaks inappropriately and doesn't know why. She takes forever to fall asleep even when she seems tired she lies awake in her room talking to herself for sometimes more than in hour before passing out.

The school has brought in a specialist to review her records and observe her behavior... as of next week I fear that my daughter will be diagnosed with ADHD which the teachers have been wondering for the past 2.5 yrs. We are also waiting on a referal to a pediatrician for a second opinion.

I am terrified of the side effects that regular medications can cause. So that is what brought me here. I have just ordered Synaptol and hope it gets here soon so I can start it.  I will keep you all Posted on her progress and if anyone has a similar story I would love to read it. Any comments welcomed.

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  • Hello Rae,
    Synaptol would be a great way to manage your daughters symptoms.I would like to encourage you to read the reviews left by actual Synaptol users, they are very encouraging. These testimonies and reviews are located just below the list of ingredients on Synaptol's home page. Please keep us posted on those results. I wish you and your daughter the very best.

  • I read 12 pages before calling and ordering. I know the results very but all seem this point any improvement is better than what we are dealing with and hearing from the school. Thank-you.

  • Hi Rae! Thank you for sharing Tori's story. I wish you all the best, and commend you for seeking out a safer, more natural solution. It's seriously scary how many parents are willing to just throw harmful medication at a problem and expect it to go away. I hope the Synaptol works for Tori :)

    Have you read Dr. Chamberlain's blog series "Living with ADHD"? He has some great tips on both managing ADHD and making the most of the positives. I highly recommend it! Here's the link:

    Also - another one of our members uses Synaptol for her son, and she shared some of her experience in a blog (continued in the comments). Definitely worth a read:

  • I actually read her story and that is what made me think that posting Tor's Story might be a good idea. Its a good feeling to not feel alone in this.

  • Synaptol finally showed up today. Took 2 weeks to arrive but it is here. Will be starting Tori on it tomorrow morning. I will post again once I have anything to post about. -crosses fingers-

  • My son is so much happier on Synaptol, and it is so great to see him have confidence at school. He says that his brain no longer feels tired when he is focusing at school. For the first time in three years I got an email from a teacher commending him for his wonderful change in attitude and that his math score went from a 68% to an 88%.(Bench marks) I hope to continue to see improvement and can't wait to see what he can achieve with this new found focus. I have never been so proud of him.

  • Hi Rae. I am glad Synaptol arrived for you! How is it going so far? I hope all is going well!

  • Tori has been on it a little over 2 weeks and at times I think I see an improvement but nothing drastic. Then other days are still really bad. I have an appointment with the school in the morning to discuss there opinions on her changes if they see any. Hopefully they are seeing more on there end.

    @Silver: How long was your son on Synaptol before you were seeing an obvious change in him?

  • Synaptol did not seem to work for Tori even after 2 bottles, She had been diagnosed with ADHD and possible ODD, and has had a consultation with a Pediatrician who is going over the school notes now before our next appt.

    They have separated her from the students in her class, she sits at a separate table with a box made from tape surrounding it were she cant leave and other kids cant enter... she is allowed to move around all she wants in this box... this seems to help a lil with behavior but now that she isn't forced to stay still and listen she isn't doing school work .

    There is talk about sending her to a different school for a behavioral class... but they say they want me to put her on meds first. All I keep hearing is meds is the way to go. Even my family is leaning towards it when they agreed with me that the risks of stimulant drugs are too high. I feel alone. She isn't making friends, learning is suffering she is barely a D student and only does good in Gym and dance... What more can I do before I lose my mind. And I am... loseing it. I have no patience anymore for her. I lose sleep and am depressed.

  • Rae, as an enthusiast for doing things as naturally as possible, I can empathize with your torment on making a decision to use drugs. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do... both to save your relationship with your daughter, or even just for your own sanity. Of course, drugs don't necessarily have to be a lifetime choice, and I feel that all parents who choose a drug therapy should view it as a temporary patch while they look for better solutions.

    For example, your daughter excels in gym and dance. Maybe she needs more of her time spent on physical activity? Her current schooling is obviously tailored to less active or drug-suppressed children. Does her school offer the option to swap out non-essential classes, like music or art, for more gym or dance time?

    I'm quite shocked at the 'tape box' treatment that has been put in place for your daughter. Sorry, but this sounds like a horrible idea to me. Let's just put our problems in a box and pretend they don't exist? If she's having trouble socializing, she doesn't need solitary confinement.

    As one parent to another, I would be looking for another school or considering the option of home-schooling. My wife and I home-school our children and we take them to playgrounds or make plans with other kids for the socialization. Their curriculum is not rigid. I'm certain that no teacher would put of with my 9 and 6 year old kids without drug suppression. They squirm, fight and argue, get distracted, and only want to learn what interests them. So, we adapt to their needs. If math isn't working today, no worries, it'll come around. Sometimes kids just need to be kids, not inflexible little adults.

  • The school is a good school but older and smaller, I guess it doesn't have the proper resources there but home schooling isn't an option right now, I have a toddler at home ass well and I wouldn't be able to provide what she needs. Also returning to work part time when youngest is in school as we can't afford me staying home much longer.

    Tori loves the box tape unfortunately I agree with you though. She has an excersise ball in it her own mirror, blackboard, paint easel and more. she thinks its like a special area just for her, which it is... but not because shes good but because she cant work with her peers without problems happening.

    They do give her extra gym time... every morning she misses her first period and spends it running laps in the gym and doing jumping jacks and burpies to wear her out before starting the day in class... it helps for a bit but the hyperness rises again.

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