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Tori's Story! cont... — an article on the Smart Living Network
May 2, 2012 at 8:00 AMComments: 7 Faves: 1

Tori's Story! cont...


If you havent read the 1st part to this Blog here is the link:

Unfortunately Synaptol did not seem to work for Tori even after 2 bottles. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and possible ODD, and has had a consultation with a Pediatrician who is going over the school notes now before our next appt. I have also requested she be tested for any learning disorders and aspergers and bipolar as I have read they are often misdiagnosed as ADHD. I am making an appointment to have her tested for Iron and Vitamin B deficiencies, and any food allergies as they also may be linked to behaviour issues linked to ADHD. If I am going to be resorted to giving her meds it better be for the right condition and last resort. 

The school has recently separated her from the students in her class, she sits at a separate table with a box made from tape surrounding it were she cant leave and other kids cant enter... she is allowed to move around all she wants in this box... this seems to help a lil with behavior but now that she isn't forced to stay still and listen she isn't doing much school work. She has also finally been assigned her own EA to help her and keep an eye on her. She is no longer aloud on the playground equipment because she pushed a kid off. 

There is talk about sending her to a different school for a behavioral class... but they say they want me to put her on meds first. All I keep hearing is meds is the way to go. Even my family is leaning towards it when they agreed with me that the risks of stimulant drugs are too high. I feel alone. She isn't making friends, learning is suffering she is barely a D student and only does good in Gym and dance... What more can I do before I lose my mind. And I am... loseing it. I have no patience anymore for her. I lose sleep and am depressed.

The school is a good school but older and smaller, I guess it doesn't have the proper resources there but home schooling isn't an option right now. I have a toddler at home as well and I wouldn't be able to provide what she needs. Also returning to work part time when youngest is in school as we can't afford me staying home much longer.

Tori does however love her little boxed off area. She has an excersise ball in it her own mirror, blackboard, paint easel and more. she thinks its like a special area just for her, which it is... but not because shes good but because she cant work with her peers without problems happening.

They do give her extra gym time... every morning she misses her first period and spends it running laps in the gym and doing jumping jacks and burpies to wear her out before starting the day in class... it helps for a bit but the hyperness rises again.

I don't think I mentioned in my first Blog, that she has a very bad habit of biting her nails and putting things in her mouth that she shouldn't be this age. She has done this since she was 2. We had thought it would stop and we have bribed her with everything and done the nasty tasting nail polish. Nothing has worked. She still puts everything in her mouth, toys, pens, pencils, sticks etc. The School is going to try letting her have gum to see if its and oral stimulation issue. 

Well I think I have caught you all up since my first Blog. I will continue to look forward to any comments, advice and personal similar stories... and I will keep you all posted on her struggle. 

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  • Rae-

    As a mother myself, I can't imagine how difficult that must be. We want our kids to do well in school and to have a good group of friends. When they struggle in those areas, it's helpless guilty feeling. Like we should be doing more or better, but what can we do really? We can't sit with them all day at school, we can't force friendships.

    However, I want to let you know that you sound like a fantastic mom! Not every parent would go through everything you have to help their child. Many would happily choose the pills without a second thought. It's really great to see how you are advocating for your child.

    Please keep us updated! We're all rooting for you and Tori and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there facing the same issues that would benefit from hearing your story.

  • I agree with Erin your great and it is not easy!!! Parenting in general is not eay and than throw anything else in the mix is all that much harder. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted.

  • Thank-you both for your words, and yes I new parenting wasn't gonna be easy all the time, but your never prepared to deal with these types of situations if it happens to your own kids.

  • Well I think we hit the last straw today... school called and My daughter has been suspended for not the first time this year... Her problems seem to be be escalating. And I fear I need to atleast do a trial of the meds as much as it scares me. It is becomeing clearer that she will be kicked out of the school soon if something drastic doesn't change. My family doctor gave me a prescription for concerta 2 months ago that I never filled. I think it might be time. I will continue to do what I have been, researching, trying different methods, and still getting her tested for any deficiencies and allergies. But I need to realize that I cant keep hopeing that a miracle will fix this, that she can change and grow out of these symptoms before real social and academic failures that cant be fixed occur. I hate even thinking it... even as I type this I cant believe that I'm giving into everyone about she needs to be on meds to function properly at school. Atleast I dont need to have her on it out of school they said. So weekends and the summer when shes not in camp we can keep her off it hopefully. I will keep you posted if we start it tomorrow :/

  • Oh and she was tested for aspergers and there is no signs that this is the case. And Bipolar doesn't seem to be showing either but she will do further observations for that to make sure. Though I was told that concerta is also used for treatment in bipolar in kids as well... so if it is a mix or one and not the other its still the right medication which helps a bit with my fears of her being medicated for the wrong diagnoses :/

  • Oh man... That sucks. I'm sorry, Rae.:(

    If you do decide to try the concerta, well, you know what? You have done you're due diligence and there's no guilt in that! We are blessed enough to live in a time where these sort of things have been successfully treated with medication. While there has definitely been some abuse of this blessing, I think it's clear to everyone that is following your story, that this would not describe you! Do what you think is best for your daughter.

  • Rae, I agree with Erin!!! I feel your struggle and hope all goes well for your family. Thank you for sharing your story.

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