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ADHD Medication Abuse

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How Was School Today?

More and more high school and college students are reportedly using ADHD medications illicitly. How? Their classmates with ADHD have been provided these drugs for years. Of course, this was in a controlled setting where the dosage was low, and the drug was given for a very specific purpose - calming ADHD symptoms. Now, these kids are turning around and selling these cheap pills for big bucks, and their customers are grinding the drugs up and snorting them to get high. The dosage and consequences are unknown and uncontrolled, paving the way for addiction and possibly opening the door to even worse drugs.

What Are ADHD Medications?

Ritalin and other ADHD medications are classified by the government as Schedule II drugs. This means that:

  • The drug has a high potential for abuse.
  • Abuse of this drug may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

To give you an idea of its compatriots, other Schedule II drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • PCP
  • Morphine

Being on Schedule II, aside from physical and psychological complications, illicit trafficking, and use of ADHD medications heralds severe legal consequences too.

Addicted to ADHD Medications?

ADHD medications including Ritalin and Adderall are psycho stimulants. Those who abuse ADHD medications may experience:

  • short, intense periods of high energy
  • agitation
  • tremors
  • euphoria
  • hypertension
  • psychotic episodes
  • paranoid delusions
  • hallucinations

ADHD medication abuse has been reported across the country. The pattern of abuse is marked by:

  • rise in dosage
  • regular episodes of binge use
  • severe depression and an overwhelming craving to continue using these drugs in spite of its serious negative effects

Additionally, people with ADHD are shown to be even more susceptible to risky behaviors including drug abuse and addiction. Because of the stimulant nature of ADHD medications, there is an even greater risk for addiction in these cases.

Not Going Away

The prevalence of ADHD medications is on the rise in the U.S.

  • Since 1993, there has been an approximately 40% increase in production of these drugs.
  • Since 2003, Ritalin has been the fourth most-prescribed drug in the U.S.

The drugs are readily available, and a black market has been cultivated.

Protect Your Family

Educate your kids about the dangers of all drugs, including prescription drugs. ADHD medications when used correctly are bad enough; abuse and addiction are downright dangerous. If you are struggling with ADHD in your family, give alternative treatments a try. There are natural supplements that have been proven effective against ADHD symptoms without any negative side effects.


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