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August 22, 2011 at 10:54 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Positive Effects of ADHD

By Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain explains how ADHD can have some extremely beneficial effects when put to good use.
Hey how's it going Barnaby here in this HelloLife moment we are going to be talking about ADHD which, Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain family medicine specialist, most people assume is a bad thing but there are some positive qualities that are perceived with being afflicted with ADHD. 
That's true, for kids a lot of times we see the hyperactivity aspect help them in sports or athletics, they are moving around they are very active, sometimes they are very social, sometimes it actually helps them interact with their peers.  For adults a lot of times it helps them with creativity, they think about a whole bunch of different things, they think outside the box and they do things that are very creative compared to people without ADHD.  And also multi tasking, if they've taught themselves how to do it because they have a hard time focusing on one thing, they kind of weave in and out of a bunch of things, they work on this for a little bit, then they work on this, then they work on this, then they work on this.  As long as they have taught themselves to stay productive they can do really well dealing with a whole bunch of tasks at once.
So, given that they seem to have success in life on a couple of different fronts, would it be correct to treat this or just let it roll until it rears its head and presents negatively?
Usually I always recommend if you have ADHD, always treating it in sometimes we do interventions to help use your ADHD in more productive ways or help manage things right or organize things better.  For using medication though, I usually reserve those for people who you've failed everything else and it's interfering with your life.  If it's not interfering with your life and you gain enjoyment out of your life, you're getting what you want out of life, why start a medication if we don't need to do that?
That's interesting, because I mean if you are deemed to be quick witted and keep a lot of balls in the air, and you're gifted athletically, I'd say possibly could be ADHD but maybe it's just because you were blessed in all those things but, why mess with a good thing?  But if it does start to act against you that's when you should really dive into it.
Exactly yeah.
Alright. Good advice right there, I swear to God I have ADHD, for all the right reasons.  Just another HelloLife moment Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain thank you very much.

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