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My Little Mind Racer — an article on the Smart Living Network
February 29, 2012 at 2:49 AMComments: 5 Faves: 0

My Little Mind Racer


It has been quite the journey with my now nine year old son. In first grade he began to have issues with being restless in his seat at school and tapping his feet and having difficulty finishing his work. The teacher informed me over the phone that my son's behavior was "annoying" well that did not sit well with me. Of course I knew nothing about ADD/ADHD, I thought he was just misbehaving. The teacher even suggested putting on some sort of vest to help him be less restless...seriously..are we living in the dark ages? I knew I had to do some research. Now he was never medically diagnosed but was eventually evaluated by the school and was considered academically above average and I was told he had ADD tendencies. Needs longer testing time and more breaks in between stations. So I took him to a nutritionist and started him on fish oil and a multi-vite and than added on magnesium to help with some anxiety he started to have in second grade. But nothing helped his underlying problem, which he would describe as, "my brain hurts when I have to concentrate". Well that is until Synaptol. I cannot say enough!! My son came home after a week on it and said that he was able to finish his morning work for the first time all school year!! The math teacher emailed me and said he went from a 64% bench mark to an 88% benchmark!! now into the second month and I am starting to see his anxiety level and social confidence improve as well. I hope this helps others as well.

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  • Silver,
    About how long did it take to notice a difference. I know that every case is different an I want so much for my son to be able to come off of the controlled substance's for his adhd

  • Angela, I went to a Nutritionist last year and we were adding this mineral and that mineral and sticking with fish oil and it was too much for my son to break this capsule and mix with. this and that....any how you get the idea.... a little too complicated. My son has more ADD tendencies but does fidget in his seat and has to have something in his hand to keep moving I E squeez ball or rubber band. However his biggest obstacle was being able to focus and concentrate on his school work and actually complete it with out feeling "brain" fatigue. He would literally say my brain hurts. He eats pretty well and loves good foods and that just wan't enough. Like you and may others I did not want to start him on a stimulant. I found this website and started Synaptol and I can't say enough!! For my son it only took four days. I started it on a Friday and Monday afternoon he came home from school and told me how he was so happy that he finally finished his orning work and that the teacher looked at him in shock! But the real test was when by that WED the math teacher sent me an e-mail stating what a difference she saw in his behavior and that he went from a 64% to an 88% on his benchmark:) My son says he can tell the difference and his confidence in other areas is starting to grow too. I do notice that he has to have that second dose in the afternoon to get through homework and other activities, but I allow him a snack and time outside beofre jumping right into work again. I hope this helps you. I know all to well the frustratiion your feeling!! I hope this helps!!!

  • I wanted to update on my son. We are going into the second month on Synaptol and so far he is able to fous and complete tasks at school. His social life is slowly getting better as he is learning to handle situations better with his new found sense of control and confidence. His "behavior" charts are filled with happy faces instead of frowns:) We are still working on his anger outburts but these seem to be less frequent as well. My little mind racer is baking cookies and making blueprints for his tree fort. Good luck to all of you and I would love to hear your stories.

  • It has been awhile since I have given an update...where to son is doing well and to my surprise is doing better socially and is doing consistent work in school, however is still having a hard time with his writing assignments. I am happy with Synaptol and hope to see continued improvement. His anger outbursts are definelty very few and he is able to calm himself down alot faster.

  • My son is still on Synaptol and is doing well so far in the fourth grade and is no longer on a behavioral chart. This was a big feat for him. Not from being rude but just impulsive. Definelty alot less impulsive this year after being on Synaptol since February. he has much better so far completing work assignments and homework with out being prompted every five mins to keep going. I will continue to update as this school year progresses and let you know how we do. Good luck to everyone.

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