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November 11, 2011 at 8:00 AMComments: 3 Faves: 0

My 5 year old Son Christian

By Kimberly More Blogs by This Author

On October 18th my 5 year son Christian was diagnosed with ADHD. We have been struggling with his behavior since school started. From being hyper to just not getting his alphabets correct. From being suspended from the bus to inschool suspense at the age of 5. The teacher basically told me Christian is not ready for kindergarten. The doctor prescribed him medication which I refuse to use medication on my children. I started reading the book "Right Brain Child, in a Left Brain World". This book is a MUST read book. You will find out how gifted your child really is. I than realized it was up to me to find a way to help him. There is always someone or something in charge of our FATE. Not Faith but FATE. I know God gave me the ability to make decisions and it was up to me to make this one happen.

Later on I came across this website for this Synapnol. Well I talked to my BEST FRIEND whos husband is a Natropath Doctor. Asked about this product. Of course he believes in his own makings. But she happened to have a bottle of this stuff that was donated to her to test. Well my son was the test. I started him on October 28th and to this day he has only pulled two tags. One for not sitting down and the other for talking. He knows his vowels now and can read some of his site words. Believing that this stuff is not just water but the stuff that has given my son a chance without adding EXTRA side effects to his little body. He's not cured but he definitely has assisted with maintaining a better behavior. I am thankful for something that has helped along with A LOT of Prayers!!!!

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  • Kimberly, that's so wonderful! I'm glad the Synaptol has helped so much - and so quickly, too. What has he said about how he feels? And are you doing anything else to help with his ADHD? Looking forward to hearing more about your story!

  • Your son is very lucky to have such a concerned and dedicated mother! A lot of parents go for the drugs without a thought - either because they don't know there are safer options, or it's just easier that way.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Kimberly! :)

  • Wow what an amazing story, thanks for sharing Kimberly. Your son is lucky you have such a loving mother as yourself. I am so happy your son is doing so well with his behavior now! I bet his teacher really saw a big change in him too, I am curious what did they have to say about his behavior since being on Synaptol?

    I hope he continues to excel in school and every area of his life! :)

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