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October 16, 2011 at 11:26 AMComments: 15 Faves: 1

Maxwell's Synaptol Journey

By Tes More Blogs by This Author

For several years our family has struggled with our son Maxwell's ADHD. He has a Sensory Processing Disorder causing his struggle to be even worse. We sit in a conference every year with his teacher and hear "we either need to hold him back or pass him and he will just never get some things". This was not acceptable. His second grade teacher at the end of last year was very supportive. She was as upset as we were. She supported us in anything that helped him learn. After some research and thought we decided we had to move him to an environment that could enrich him more one on one. So we decided homeschooling was the route we would take. Since I could not take off work we found a community type homeschool program. He goes a modified day. There are two adults and 13 kids. This program works well for us but less than a quarter in we have had the wiggle worm, he cannot concentrate discussion. We have also stopped getting invited to functions because he is so disruptive. We do not want to medicate him but it is definately time to address the ADHD. After sitting in the peditricians office almost in tears he agreed that trying Synaptol was an acceptable route to take. I went home, got on the phone with John at Hello Life and placed the order.

Yesterday afternoon our Synaptol arrived. We gave Maxwell his first dose this morning. He is as excited and as hopeful as we are. He had not wanted to take liquid but I bribed him a bit to just try one dose. He tried it and said "That does not taste bad. If it makes me chill out I will do it for you." So dose #1 in and we will wait a few days and see what happens. This is just the beginning of our Journey and for the first time in a long time we are embarking on a journey that we feel will be filled mostly with happiness, progress and even new adventures when we start doing new things again. Mostly for my own therapy I will Blog our journey but I hope others who are embarking on or have already taken the journey will join us.

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  • Tes, thanks for blogging about this! I am excited to read more as your journey continues. Also, some of my friends have used a homeschooling program like the one you are for their kids and it really works out great. Having a smaller sized classroom, so children can get more one-on-one attention can be key!

    Also, Max sounds like such a sweet kid. I love what he said after taking Synaptol. What a sweetheart!

  • Great post Tes! I'm glad to see parents getting involved and helping their kids make good decisions rather than just expecting a professional to 'fix' everything for them so they don't have to deal with the problem.

  • Thanks so much for sharing, Tes! Maxwell (great name, by the way) sounds like a great kid. I really hope the Synaptol works for him, and I look forward to following your journey :)

    I agree with sprouty. Kudos to you and your husband for getting so involved in your son's life, and for working so hard to find the best, safest solution for Maxwell. He's a lucky kid to have such caring parents.

    Best wishes!

  • Day one down. Three doses in. Maxwell told his teacher this morning he didn't feel as fidgety. She said he seemed not really different yet but he difinately encouraged. We hope to see some effects of the Synaptol within the week before the "honeymoon" period wears off for Maxwell. :) His positive attitude encourages all of us involved.

  • How encouraging! So glad to hear of his progress and great attitude :)

  • Five days of school on Synaptol and great reports are already coming from Maxwell's teacher. She says he is less antsy and seems to be more clear headed. I though I was going to cry when she said this. Tears of joy of course. The true test was today when I decided to take him to a pumpkin festival in our town. More than a thousand kids come and hang out and wander aroud, do fun crafts, games and of course trick ot treat. He was a joy to have with me all day. He seemed to really enjoy himself and he did not seem as stressed as usual. As for home things are starting to improve. He still is all of an 8 year old boy but thats part of life. If Hello Life ever taps into the help for sibling rivalry market I am in! We are still very early in our journey but I certainly see this week as a great success and a positive path to continue on.

  • Tes, that's so great! I am so happy that he is having such great results and progress! And it sounds like he had a lot of fun at the pumpkin festival, and you did too! How wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about his journey.

  • That's just wonderful! It seriously warms my heart to hear how well he's doing after just a week, and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yourselves at the festival. I'm really enjoying following your story, and I can't wait to hear how he continues to improve :)

  • Two weeks into our journey and we hit a bump in the road. We went out of town for a wedding and Maxwell stayed with my parents. He told me he had his Synaptol and I did not check the bag. He went to grandmas without it and we found it sitting of the dining room table when we got home. He must have gotten distracted and set it down. As his mother it was my responsibility to check the bag, but I did not. He missed 3 doses and was a spastic, panicking little man. You could tell the difference in his behavior. He is always a bit naughty but this weekend he was jumpy and just wild. I am totally convinced now that the Synaptol helps. We felt like it was helping but this totallyconfirmed it. He is still all 8 year old but, but with the Synaptol he can control the jumpiness and concentrate. It was a hard night last night but we are back on track and moving forward again. We figure that even the most mapped out journey's have a detour or two.

  • I'm sorry you hit that setback, but if nothing else, at least it helped to serve as confirmation that you have truly found something that helps his ADHD! I really am glad that the Synaptol is helping him; he sounds like a great kid. I know that you and his teacher have noticed the change, so I'm just curious - what has he said about how he feels?

  • Maxwell's first report card on Synaptol rocked!!! His percentages have a steady increase in every subject! The part of it that tells about how he acts in class and how he tries, etc has positive remarks for the first time ever!!! Not one "he could do so much better if he concentrated" comment!!!!!

  • Tes, this is amazing! I am so happy that Maxwell is making these great strides in his progress. How amazing that he has received lots of positive remarks on his report card. How does he feel about his accomplishments? He should feel so proud!

  • Maxwell is extremely excited about his accomplishments. He felt so good about himself that he asked to be signed up for basketball. He said that he he wanted to try because he could listen to the coach now. He has not played because he could never stay in one spot long enough to listen to directions and learn the sport. He started on Tuesday and the coach said he has alot to learn but he will do great! His ability to concentrate is making him more confident I believe and the trickle down effect of that is that he wants to try new things. We are very happy.

  • I am just so delighted to hear that he is doing so well, Tes. I had read some great Synaptol success stories, but Maxwell's transformation sounds like nothing short of a little miracle! :) I hope he continues to improve!

    Are you doing anything else to help his ADHD besides the Synaptol?

  • Thanks for asking Laura. Quite awhile back we altered his diet greatly. It helped and we continue it but it was not near enough on it's own. We have removed most of his gulten. Of course we limit his sugar and allow few processed foods or even meats that we are not sure if they have been treated with hormones. We do allow him to "cheat" and he feels the difference. I hope he is building his own good eating habits from this. Also we encourage him to get a good amount of exercise physically and mentally. We find fun things to stimulate him. All of the lifestyle changes effect everyone in the family's body and mind positively so bonus!

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