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October 24, 2011 at 10:50 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Helping my sweet boy that God gave me!

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My son was 7 years old when he started taking Synaptol. It has been 6 months now and we have seen a significant improvement in his behavior and attention. I found Synaptol on line, by looking up a Christian website and knew it was meant to be. I knew I had to find something for my sweet boy before jumping into ADD medicine which had several side effects for the mind and body. His body was still growing and I didn't want to hinder it. Beside taking Synaptol twice a day, we have been doing a lot of others things to help him be success in school and home. For example, getting him on a daily routine, so he knows what is expected of him, getting enough sleep at night for a growing boy his age, taking out high fructose sugars and all food coloring (especially Red 40) in his diet, getting 15 minutes of daily exercise outside, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein, and giving him positive reinforcements at home and school. I was so blesssed to find out many things to help my son be success each day so he can grow up to be a wonderful man that God has intented him to be! Give it a try!

Julie Duchinsky

St. Louis, Mo

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  • Julie, I'm so glad your son has found some relief with Synaptol! It's so wonderful that you are taking a holistic approach by making diet/lifestyle changes to complement the Synaptol. In our culture, it's so easy to just throw some medicine at a problem and expect it to go away (I know I can be guilty of this sometimes with my headaches); however, that is not going to help the problem in the long run. The approach you're taking is definitely the harder road - but the long-term benefits are so worth it! :)

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