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Free Yourself from Asthma Symptoms!

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Asthma is a serious respiratory disease that can literally leave you breathless. Usually, but not always, asthmatics have several lung or breathing disturbances such as bronchial muscle spasms, swelling of the mucus linings, and an increase in mucus production. Asthmatic symptoms:

Asthma Triggers

Asthma triggers can be environmental pollutants and irritants, pollen, dust mites, dust, and other forms of indoor and outdoor allergens. Chemicals and particles that irritate the lungs are not the only things that are precursors to an asthma attack. Some people have exercise induced asthma, while others experience an asthma attack when stressed. Avoiding triggers is one way of eliminating asthma attacks, but wouldn�t it be nice if you could eliminate asthma symptoms altogether?

Free Yourself from Asthma Symptoms

One way you can try to minimize asthma symptoms is to eat foods that do not cause additional mucus or inflammation in the body, such as dairy, yeast products, items with too much sugar, fried, dried and processed foods, and foods that contain preservatives and other additives. The following list will give you an idea of things that can make asthma worse.

Adding things such as omega-3, magnesium and plenty of B and C vitamins to your diet is a good way to keep the immune system up and running well, which in turn will help keep the lungs in good shape.

Other Methods to Alleviate Symptoms

A few simple, proactive steps can go a long way for controlling asthma symptoms without medication. Avoid the Cold Have you ever noticed that an asthma attack seems to occur when it is cold or when you have eaten something cold? The reason asthma seems to worsen during cold conditions is due to the way the muscles in the airway react to the cold by tightening or constricting. If you must go outside in freezing weather, cover your mouth and nose so that you will be breathing semi-warm air rather than extremely cold air. Exercise to Avoid Stressful Situations Because anxiety and other stress related issues can bring on an asthma attack, exercise, such as yoga and Pilates, appear to be good for those who want to learn how to relax by stretching their muscles and learning to breathe deeply and evenly. Detoxify Your Body Detoxify your body every few months by eating raw vegetables consecutively for one to three days, and add super foods such as leafy green vegetables on a daily basis. Anti-inflammatory foods such as garlic and onions also can help keep the airways from becoming inflamed, and drinking a glass of water about every 2 hours throughout the day helps keep the mucus cleared away.


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