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August 22, 2011 at 10:43 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Diagnosing ADHD in Adults

By Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain talks about diagnosing ADHD in adults and how it can be much more difficult.
What's up Barnaby here! We are talking about ADHD in this HelloLife moment with my bud Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain a family medicine specialist.  In previous video segments we've addressed the issue of diagnosing children with ADHD, but I've got to tell you, I can't tell you how many people look at me and go "I think you've got ADHD!" So adults might have it not diagnosed as a child but how would we get to the root of that.
It's a lot harder to diagnose an adult than children because your not captive in front of a teacher six hours a day watching everything you do adults change situations. Most adults who have ADHD and weren't diagnosed as a kid usually are pretty intelligent and intelligence is what got them thru school with good enough grades and were able to get bye. But i see a lot of parents and a lot of adults who have, say they have gone through school, you're out and have been working for awhile now they're going back to school and it's causing huge problems.  They are having trouble with the focus or the attention so a lot of people show up that way.  A lot of people get the new job they have a whole lot of responsibilities, instead of doing one task they have to keep track of a whole bunch of things and their inattention problems have a hard time organizing everything and now all the sudden they are getting fired from their new job because they have a hard time handling it.
Couldn't that just be a simple lack of organizational skills?
It is a combination of things, that's what we have to get to the bottom of is is it organizational skills, is this the normal, I mean no one can watch a lecture for an hour in the college classroom and get everything out of it.  Is this normal no one can pay attention to this or is this something more so than other people the same age?  And trying to get to the bottom of this can be a tricky thing to do.  It's something that we ask is this interfering with your life? Is it interfering with things on multiple levels?  And trying to get to the bottom of is this a problem or is this just something that's annoying?
Right so then we should look at your ability to concentrate, ability to organize, ability to keep a number of balls in the air and if you can't do that then maybe talk to somebody to see if you are firing incorrectly and you're just kind of scatter shot. 
Exactly,  that way when the patient comes into me we kind of look at their current history of what's going on and what did things look like when they were younger because if they have it now they had it when they were a kid, it's not something that develops as you get older.  And then usually I get them formally tested and we kind of look at a bunch of different issues with a clinical psychologist that specializes in ADHD just to make sure we aren't missing something else.
Boy that's interesting because I'm an inquisitive sort.  I'd like to submit to the test just to see and put to rest once and for all maybe I'm just an antsy sort of a dude is that possible?
It's definitely possible and another question is does it interfere with your life, and if you're doing everything you need to do then it's really not a disease that you have it's just more of a personality that you have.
A quirk! Yup. tell you what it's all interesting stuff, always here on where we're all about matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  In ensuing segments we will be talking about treatments for ADHD, so dive in to that.

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