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May 25, 2009 at 8:21 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

ADHD and Vaccines: New Study Shows High Risk for ADHD in Vaccinated Boys

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Vaccinations are meant to help kids, but could they actually be dangerous to them? A recent survey, commissioned by Operation Rescue, has come back with some surprising results.

The Study

The survey, which took place in Oregon and California, asked parents if their children had been vaccinated and if they had ever been diagnosed with a disorder such as ADHD. The survey sample included 9000 boys from the ages of 4-17. It revealed that boys who had been vaccinated had ADHD at a rate that was 224% higher than those who weren't vaccinated. For older boys, aged 11-17, it was an even higher rate. In this age group, a boy was 317% more likely to have been diagnosed with ADHD.

This survey definitely raises some concerns and shows that more information is needed to determine the risks of vaccinating our children. Other current research seems to support the results from the Operation Rescue survey. According to, "From 1983 to 2007, autism rates have climbed from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 150 children." During the same time period, recommendations for vaccinations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have more than tripled. Many people blame the compound thimerosal, which is used in many vaccines as a preservative, for the problem. Research has shown that thimerosal can be toxic to humans, even at very low levels. If anything, more research needs to be done to see if this could be the cause of more than just autism, but ADHD and other conditions.


According to CDC estimates, about 4.4 million children under the age of 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. Signs of ADHD are sometimes hard to spot, since they can vary from one person to another. One sign is having difficulty paying attention to schoolwork or focusing on a conversation. Another sign might be having trouble finishing assignments or jumping from one assignment to another without finishing. Other signs include: forgetting things, being easily distracted, excessive talking, or blurting out things uncontrollably. Many people with ADHD find it difficult to plan things out and follow through with them, and others feel restless when they have to stay in one spot for a long period of time. Don't forget, it is possible to have some symptoms of ADHD, but still not actually have it. After all, everyone forgets things once in a while.

What Now?

In light of this new survey, it is clear that more studies need to be conducted to determine whether vaccinations are causing children to have ADHD. Fortunately, there are things that can be done for those that have already been diagnosed with the disorder. Everyone needs to determine what the best treatment option is for them.

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