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January 22, 2013 at 7:10 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0

ADHD and my!

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Help! Are there any individuals out there who have used Synaptol and had success for ADHD symptoms? I just began my son on it today and I am hoping that this will be helpful for him and for our family life. I really need to connect to others who are experiencing similar issues with ADHD....sometimes things just get so difficult when symptoms are not treated or managed and I would love to hear from others and get some advice.

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  • Synaptol has helped him tremendously in school. It does not solve all his emotional behaviors but has definetly made it easier and more manageable.

  • Hi there I would like to get some feedback on synaptol. My grandson has been prescribed Ritalin which I do not approve of The Doctors wanted to put my son on that medication yrs ago and I flatly refused to put him on speed. I have been researching alternatives and synaptol seems to have amazing comments. However I need to know how long does this stuff take to be absorbed into the system. It is convincing my daughter to try it over the Ritalin. thanks

  • I also would like some feed back on this I am going to be starting my son on this how long does it take to work

  • I am going to start my 4 year old son on Synaptol how long does it start taking affect ?

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