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A New Beginning — an article on the Smart Living Network
July 7, 2012 at 8:00 AMComments: 4 Faves: 0

A New Beginning


My son Seth is 7 years of age now. For many years I've heard people tell me he was terrible and needed some serious discipline. In the meantime, I did all I could not knowing what was truly wrong. Finally, after a very messy marriage and divorce I thought his behavior was due to the problems we had at home. But, maybe it originated there and turn into what we have now ADHD. Well, he was finally diagnosed after the school decided to accuse me of neglect because according to them I was not responding to their many attempts to get in touch with me ( three weeks) they claim they attempted to contact me and could not. Please keep in mind they never sent me a letter to my home and never visited my home less than a block away to contact me. The fact was during that month I had just started a new job... after a divorce and being the only one supporting a family of 4 its not easy adjusting to a new life that your are the only support for your children. Confused and trying to regain my sense of independence and attempting to get out of the turmoil going through an emotionally abusive marriage  both me and my children those were hard times. They're dad is missed but, we all know we are better off without him. Anyway, Seth began taking SYNAPTOL in February 2012 its now we are in July 2012 the difference to say the least is Amazing. Its made a huge difference for all of us. Seth can finally seat still and enjoy life with the rest of us... I can finally enjoy my son with following him like a bouncing ball. I just can't explain how thankful I am to have found this product. If you are a parent... try this it may change your childs life as it has change mine. He even asked for it the days that I seem to be too busy to remember... I rarely missed it but when I do .. he reminds me and lets me know he feels better, calmer when he takes it. Even his 17 year old sister whom he drove crazy.. before says she can finally, have fun with him without getting overwhelmed herself. We all got so overwhelm dealing with him day in and day out was a huge task. Now, I can even leave him with my 17 year old and now I wont be home and find her at the verge of a mental break down.. not exaggerating... she really seem to get one and wanted to be alone for quite a while after a couple of ours with Seth so did I. It was challenging. Well, maybe you are experiencing what we've experienced. I hope you try this and see if it has the same great results we've gotten. Best to all of you and your children. 

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  • Hi there, I read your blog and know exactly what your saying. I wrote one called My little mind racer. My son also started on Synaptol in Feb of 2012, and I have seen great strides with him. He still needs some redirection at times but he is sooo much better!! Grades are better too. I am so happy that it has helped you as well. Thanks for sharing your story!!.

  • This gives me hope! This sounds like the same exact thing I went through however my son was 4 when he was diagnosed. He is 8 now and been on several medications which help the ADHD but the side effects are terrible. I have been dealing with severe anxiety and insomnia for over 2 years now and he takes numerous medications. I have just ordered Synaptol and pray it works so he too, like your son, can be a normal child.

  • It's been a while since I posted. Thank you for answering to mine post. An update, Now I have 4 kids. I had my last bundle of joy in July 2013. The entire year of pregnancy truly trying. The first 5 months I was extremely sick landed on the hospital on two occasions. I should have gone to ER much sooner but I felt that those were normal pregnancy symptoms to the extreme. Well, needless to say I had a very hard time with this last pregnancy. No more babies for me.

    Seth is doing well and continues progressing. Hope your children have progressed as well.

  • I just purchased synaptol for my 12 yr old who has many symptoms of ADHD..I will let you know how he does on it. I have tried to manage his behavior at home, but to no avail Everything I've tried has failed. He struggles at school with distraction, disrupting the class, excessive talking, etc. he doesn't listen...ever. I have resisted chemical medication because I think they are dangerous & do not want side effects. This is my last hope....

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