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January 7, 2008 at 4:31 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Seven Easy Steps To Phenomenal Focus in The Office: Step 2: Use Head Phones

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Music and head phones can be an effective tool in the workplace when used appropriately, especially in large, open offices or when a few people share a working space.


Block Out Distractions

Music played out loud or through headphones effectively reduces or blocks the common distractions of the workplace. If your co-workers constant talking distracts you, consider wearing headphones to block the noise. If you can still hear their chatter above your headphones, you're not out of your rights to suggest that they should talk a little softer.

Not All Music Is Equal

Consider the types of music you enjoy listening to. If you enjoy singing along to the oldies, perhaps that station is not an appropriate choice for the workplace. It may distract you even further. But if you find classical music soothing, it may help you maintain focus and calm your nerves when stressed at work.

When to Wear Headphones

Wearing headphones can be useful for a few reasons. First, depending on the type, headphones can all but eliminate any outside noises. Be careful when using these; a tap on your shoulder could startle you if you can't hear the person nearby. Smaller headphones or ear buds can be just as effective with the right volume of music. An added benefit is that, even if there is no sound coming through your headphones, people assume you are listening to something and may avoid speaking to you. When used right, simply wearing headphones can keep interruptions at bay.

Music Out Loud

If you or a co-worker decides to play a radio in the office, be sure the volume and music choice works for everyone who will hear it. If you bring in a radio, allow a co-worker to choose the music. If you choose the music, let them set the volume. This way you're both happy. Make sure they know they can ask at any time for you to turn it down or off. You wouldn't want your method of staying focused to further distract another person.


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