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May 13, 2009 at 4:15 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Seven Easy Steps To Phenomenal Focus in The Office: Step 1: Make Daily Task Lists

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Maintaining focus over the course of a work day can be a challenging task. You want to be efficient and motivated, but it can be hard to consistently be as productive as you should be.


Put It In Writing

A daily task list will outline your goals for the day. What do you need to get done? If there are large projects you're working on, break them down into steps to make them more manageable. A list kept in plain view helps you to see all you need to get done, and allows you to allocate time as needed. Maybe you work better by getting into the flow of things with a smaller task and saving the larger ones for later. Or maybe you like to balance out a time-consuming task followed by an easier one. Whatever it may be, set up a daily plan that will work for you.

Break Down Large Projects

If you tend to procrastinate on large projects, try this method. Break the project down into steps. If it's due in a week, split it up into bite-sized pieces. What are the steps necessary to complete the project? If you can do one step today, you'll have less to do the next day.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes the simple act of crossing an item off a list can be the most rewarding. Grab a fun colored pen or permanent marker to make the completed task seem all the more impressive. Make a deal with yourself. If you normally take a coffee break at a certain time, complete the task you're working on before taking the break. Or decide to finish a set number of items before going to chat with a co-worker. If someone stops by to say hi, tell them you have to finish what you're working on, then you'll go over and chat.

Have a Sense of Accomplishment

Write down every little thing you do in a day. If your boss stops by and asks you to send an email update on your current project, add it to your list, even though the email itself will take just a minute to write. Then, when you're finished, you have another item to cross off. At the end of the day, review the list. You'll be amazed at how much you've actually done without realizing it.




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