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ADD / ADHD Blogs

6 Tips For Harnessing Your Hyperfocus

Most people without ADHD, even doctors, don t know this, but one of the most important ways people with ADHD become successful is actually by… Read More ▶

Study Links ADHD to the "Western Diet"

Studies have shown that ADHD individuals are far more likely to have certain nutrient deficiencies. Could this knowledge lead to safer, more holistic treatment? Read More ▶

How Do ADHD Kids REALLY Do As Adults?

I recently read an article entitled: Kids with ADHD have dimmer prospects as adults, and I was disappointed at how they presented their findings out… Read More ▶

Breakfast: Brain Fuel for ADHD

We have all heard the age old saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day . As much as I hate to admit… Read More ▶

The Dangers of Ritalin

ADD and ADHD are on the rise. Is Ritalin, one of the most popular drugs prescribed for attention deficit, really all it's cracked up to… Read More ▶

Six Diet Tips for ADHD

I can certainly understand how dietary choices may impact our ability to focus as nutrients are essential for a healthy mind and body. Nutrient deficiencies… Read More ▶

[Living With ADHD] Doctor Jeff's 6 Favorite Supplements for ADHD

Though the standard treatment for ADHD remains stimulant medication, some prefer natural alternatives. Here are my recommendations for these people. Read More ▶

ADHD or Sleep Disorder?

Many children thought to have ADHD may actually have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. Read More ▶

Latest ADD / ADHD Blogs

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